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Can Search Engines & Social Media Predict Startups on the Rise?

5 Mar

Search Engine Rankings could have even helped the Wolf of Wall Street in identifying companies on the rise, while he was on quaaludes. There are many financial investment tools that allow do it your self financial investors to set a budget and forget it. These financial tools use genetic algorithms based on trading rules to determine which stocks to automatically invest in for their clients. There are also do it your self investors that utilize Google’s Search Engine to discover articles, customer reviews, videos, and social media info about the companies they are interested in investing in. Some popular financial investment tools are Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Investopedia, Morningstar, Finviz to name a few. There are tons of web based financial tools that investors utilize to influence or make their financial investing decisions, some investors such as one of the most successful investors, Warren Buffet, still reads newspapers to determine financial investments.


Download high quality movies in seconds with new Cisco Router

10 Mar

No more slowing down the server, says Cisco. There’s no way ISP’s are going to allow the new Cisco CRS-3 router to influence them to uncapp users download and upload speeds. Nor will the movie industry, or music industry. Piracy is a problem now, it will run rampant with end users able to download a whole movie within seconds. This may be a huge move to open the door for Internet TV, but will open a whole can of mess that the industries as a whole aren’t ready for.


Mark Cuban Gets it Right, Again!

20 Feb

Two trades stand out most in the 2009-2010 season. Two teams benefited when Washington Wizards decided to throw in the white flag. Both the Dallas Mavericks and the Cleveland Cavaliers can thank Gilbert Arenas.

Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers have a very real chance of winning it all with Antawn Jamison now at the 4 spot. The future is really all about how fast Jamison can adjust to playing with Lebron James and Big Shaq in the middle. If its a seamless transition, the rest of the league is in some big trouble. James seems to have a lot of confidence in Jamison even after watching him go 0-12 his first game in a Cavs Jersey. Simply put, James is willing to ride this lineup to the championship.


Google Buzz Fails. Google gets Power.

20 Feb

Every company has its ups and downs, usually its an annual happening. Google is no ordinary company. In about the same week, they had their new social media application, Buzz, land flat on its face, then were approved to buy and sell energy. What this means for Google’s competitors is left to be seen. It’s a bold move that few companies have made.


Baby Got Leads – Inbound Marketing Rap Song

7 Feb

If Chuck, the SEO Rapper were MC Hammer, well, this out fit at Hubspot would be the equivalent of Vanilla Ice. I’m not quite sure where I stand on this video, though I will give them credit for putting it together, must have taken some work. I’d trust them with some SEO Work for sure. Plus they have a great point. Without further interruption, I present to you, Baby Got Leads.


Andy Murray and His Video Game Addiction

25 Jan

This is a sad, sad story, but is a all too real problem across America, no check that, the world. It goes unchecked, because no one really knows the long term effects. Some see it as an entry way to gambling, drug use, and some go as far as saying schizophrenia. While it may be acceptable for a child to play video games 24/7, it can be detrimental to an adult who has a 9-5 and more responsibilities than he/she can count on both hands.


Obama Family Drops Value of White House by More Than $15 Million

20 Jan

Zillow shamelessly plays the race card in promoting their site. The title of the actual article I am referencing is, "Value of White House Drops by More Than $15 Million", on But, they might as well had placed the title that was used on Lets be straight up, why introduce such an article when President Obama, a multiracial man and his family are occupying the White House, while the housing crisis happened while, former President George W. Bush and his family were in the White House?


Social Media Instead of Superbowl for Pepsi

3 Jan

In a bold move, Pepsi dumps the Super Bowl in favor of a social media campaign dubbed the “The Pepsi Refresh Project“. How ironic, another company shifting gears, this one after 23 years of steady advertising. Social Media is the new trend, and it with only get more viral, and popular. The Pepsi Refresh Project has a budget of a whopping $20 million, probably over several month time span, while for one day, Pepsi averaged about $142 Million on Super Bowl Ads.


Low Cell Phone Plans on the Horizon

25 Dec

Smart phones, aka pocket laptops, are going to get more popular when cell phone service providers decide to stop doing what cigarette companies have done for what seems like forever. No, I’m not a nicotine addict, but I’ve seen how cigarette companies have played the part of a no competition clause with rivals by offering the same price structures and brands (100s, light, menthol, etc.). Cell phone providers are effectively doing the same thing right now.


Trend Setting, or Cherry Picking during the recession?

18 Dec


Certainly Steve Jobs did not look at the competition and say let’s be like those guys, Nokia, Blackberry, or Motorola when Apple first cooked up the much respected and popular iPhone. Apple continues to set the bar high and be trendsetters in the technology market. Once the iPhone saw much success, other companies tried to emulate what Apple accomplished by introducing iPhone knock offs. They all failed, some more than others.