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Obama Family Drops Value of White House by More Than $15 Million

20 Jan

Zillow shamelessly plays the race card in promoting their site. The title of the actual article I am referencing is, "Value of White House Drops by More Than $15 Million", on But, they might as well had placed the title that was used on Lets be straight up, why introduce such an article when President Obama, a multiracial man and his family are occupying the White House, while the housing crisis happened while, former President George W. Bush and his family were in the White House?


Fact Checking Sarah Palin Going Rogue

22 Nov

Has the AP gone mad? No, they did not spend much time or resources fact checking Sarah Palin’s book, Going Rouge, but they are wasting Americans time with their ill fascination and humiliation of the new politician on the scene. I neither dislike, nor like Sarah Palin, but I do feel bad for her, and at the same time respect her sudden rise in the Republican forefront. One has to consider, why the AP did not mention that she got stuck with bills from the presidential election that McCain’s camp promised to pay for. FACT!