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My skills range from an intermediate to an advance understanding and implementation of SEO, PPC advertising, keyword/competitor research, Analytics, Landing Page design, static & flash banner design, CSS, website maintenance, Email & Affiliate Marketing, and Social Media.

I have a multimedia background in graphic design, video editing, computer animation, and some programming, but decided the latter three were not for me. The time I spent learning those disciplines was not time lost, as having such a background puts me a step ahead of most Internet Marketers as I take both points of views as a designer and online marketer to improve usability for the user. I also have the ability to design and edit graphics for both web and print.

I first started designing sites in 2002 hand coding html, then I was taught Frontpage, GoLive, and Dreamweaver. My ability to code CSS is self taught as well as designing in content management systems. I am able to design HTML websites, as well as work within content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla. I also have experience with both SQL and PHP based sites. I am able to combine my skills to build websites and landing pages to increase visibility while also increasing page rank.

That with my desire to constantly keep ahead of the fast pace world of Internet Marketing gives me motivation to keep improving my skills and conquering goals. Checkout my E-Tag,