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  • Unless stated, I, Jaron Hunter, am the author, webmaster, web designer, and web editor of intentcontent.com.
  • Currently, intentcontent.com does not offer advertising opportunities.
  • Most, if not all articles on intentcontent.com are Op/Ed pieces.
  • Intentcontent.com is not compensated in any way, shape, or form to provide positive or negative opinions on any company, product, service, website, blog, etc. If a company, product, service, website, blog, etc., is mentioned on intentcontent.com, the opinions are solely based on experience and knowledge of that company, product, service, website, blog, etc.


  • Intentcontent.com uses Google Analytics for web reports.
  • Intentcontent.com is powered by WordPress 2.8.6, theme designed by WooThemes, modified by Jaron Hunter, and uses 1and1.com as its web host.
  • I am a member of Amazon’s Associates program.


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