The Butterfly Effect

22 Nov

The Butterfly EffectThe Butterfly Effect (2004) movie is one that should be on your "must watch" list and on your "Collectible DVD" shelf if you haven’t seen it already or own it.

Life is full of a bunch of what ifs and regrets. The truth is, if you went back and changed one small detail, it could dramatically effect the lives of those closest to you. This movie poetically portrays just that as the main character, Evan Treborn , played by actor Ashton Kutcher tries to make things right for everyone close to him. He finds out the hard way, that for every cause, there is an equal or greater effect. Usually in this movie, the effects are extreme.

Knowing this, would you want to go back in your life to redo parts of your past, knowing that it would effect those closest to you? We all have choices, what

awaits behind door #1, door #2, door #3, is anyone’s wildest guess. What may seem like a dream in the begining, may be a haunting nightmare in the end for those born into good will and personal fortune. What may seem like a haunting nightmare in the beginning may be a ever long dream in the end, for those rags

to ritches stories.

If you aren’t who you want to be, find someone you want your life to be like, read their autobiography, and follow those steps carefully. Change is not an easy thing, as we are people of habit and addiction, sometimes trying to change the lives of those who are closest to you can be futile, until they themselves want those same change. Also remember, your life does matter very much, to those closest to you, without you, a domino effect of all sorts or proportions would happen.

As Evan finds out it the end regardless of fate or destiny, be careful what you wish for as your gift can also be your curse.

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