Lets talk about Relationships and Dating

5 Dec

Although I’m no dating coach, love doctor, relationship expert, or a big dater for that matter, I’m usually giving advice to my friends about dating and who to date and who to run from. If you were wondering why there’s a page dedicated to the subject matter of relationship on intentcontent.com, there’s your answer, plus I had to give my disclaimer.

The dating scene is hot these days, and most folks are constantly seeking relationship advice. With the divorce rate above a shocking 50%, someone’s not doing something right. It’s down right frightening to know going into a relationship that could eventually progress to marriage that the odds are stacked against you. At least your not a long shot though, you and your significant other can make it work by taking the right steps, which I and some guest bloggers will discuss right here on intentcontent.com.

Divorce has no borders, no religion, and no ethnicity, as it’s affecting people regardless of their economical standing. So if it’s not money, what is it? What are people seeking in a relationship? Is it great sex, companionship, a trophy, a sugar-mommy or daddy? Or is it just plain old happiness?

I feel that your answer is going to be different depending on your gender. See, the concept of a relationship takes a psychological stand point that few tend to think about or even consider. The psychological standpoint is the role of the man, and the role of the woman, and what we’ve been taught since kids on how a man is suppose to be, and how a woman is suppose to be.

Frankly, that’s what makes it so hard for us men to be in a committed relationship. We’re taught to be macho, tough, not sensitive, some times unforgiving, cold blooded, not caring human beings. Then there’s the female, from infant hood who’s been giving soft colors of pink, fairy and princess like toys, kitchen ware, taught to be thoughtful and sweet, and caring, mentality of you’ll have your prince knight in shining armor one day.

The way a boy is taught to be a man can be hazardous to a relationship, as well as the way a girl is taught to be a woman can also be hazardous. You probably can’t see it in your significant other, but, it’s definitely conditioned in him/her. That’s why some guys end up doing things you’d never think they would do, especially cheating.

I’ll break this down in later post as well as the do’s and don’t’s or relationship.


2 Responses to “Lets talk about Relationships and Dating”

  1. Lost A Lister 06. Dec, 2009 at 4:11 PM #

    Why are relationships so hard? I know life isn’t easy. RElationships require that you give 100% all the time.

  2. Bahd 07. Dec, 2009 at 9:59 PM #

    Relationships are not “hard” only the people that makes up those relationships who finds it “hard” to get along with each other, for many different reasons! Eat that for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or whatever meal you want to make out of that and let me know when or if you can digest that!

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