1,000 Visitors or 100,000 Unique Visitors Monthly

22 Nov

Does it matter? Ask most webmasters, web marketers, sales team, upper management if they’d rather have the same 1,000 visitors come back every month or 100,000 unique visitors every month and they’d say 100,000 without the blink of an eye, or even a second of thought. Who wouldn’t? I wouldn’t.

More, more, and more visitors, the goal is always to get more visitors these days. In analytics there is a minute statistic that is seldom paid attention to in the one track mentality of "get more traffic", "get more friends" and "get more followers". That statistic is visitor loyalty. How loyal is your traffic? Solving this question will solve statistics such as bounce rate, page views, time on site, conversion rate, boost your return visitor percentage and the overall value of your site to your target audience. Out of those 100,000 unique visitors last month, how many will come back next month?

Yes, visitor loyalty can be somewhat deceiving if you’re using a third party application such as Google Analytics and said visitor deletes cookies, but it still gives you a trending baseline of who’s coming back to your site. If your visitor loyalty is low, and your unique visitors are consistently high, that means your target audience is finding you (great seo, ppc, etc), but they’re probably not sticking around for long, or coming back ever (low value site).

So kudos to those web marketers and bloggers bragging that they have over 100,000 unique visitors, how many are returning? Sorry, your website is akin to a well placed billboard on I95 to visitors driving through some small town with plans never ever to come back.

My strategy, is to ensure those visitors come back by giving them something of value, and making them feel special by finding out what they want, and get them coming back. The more they visit and find value in your site, the more they’ll recommend the site to friends and family, the more chance to convert them and their referrals. For example, the location of your new store is great, traffic is increasing weekly. Your new store is similar to Walgreens but you’ve staffed your store with sucky customer service reps who know nothing about your products, where they are, aisles are unmarked with wet spots, long checkout lines, and your sloppy shelves are stocked with high priced items. This combination will not get you any convenient store of the year awards, point blank. Is this the type of store you want to revisit or recommend to your family and friends? I think not.

I’m not saying this is a great strategy for every site, as YouTube, Facebook, and Myspace, especially Myspace did not use this strategy. They gradually grew their visitors to become the monsters they are now. They were not magic bullets by the way.

If your interested in making money on the Internet, make sure you handle your visitors with care, and know what they are looking for. I know what you are saying, but its all in the numbers. Yes, sure it is, but if you can’t convert the 1,000 visitors you are getting monthly when you first start out, what makes you think you’ll do better at 50, 000 visitors when the only changes you’ve made is implemented internet marketing techniques that will get you more traffic and do just that. You’ve got to make sure your site can close the deal. You should aim to do better than the average conversion rate which is some where between 1% and 3% for internet marketing. So, what I am saying is to stop putting more resources into hunting, and start farming, you’ll have what you need for rainy days when they come.


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  1. oballter 12. Dec, 2009 at 7:21 PM #

    Engagement and Interactivity are also two components of value to get visitors coming back.

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