Andy Murray and His Video Game Addiction

25 Jan

This is a sad, sad story, but is a all too real problem across America, no check that, the world. It goes unchecked, because no one really knows the long term effects. Some see it as an entry way to gambling, drug use, and some go as far as saying schizophrenia. While it may be acceptable for a child to play video games 24/7, it can be detrimental to an adult who has a 9-5 and more responsibilities than he/she can count on both hands.

The issue at hand is video game addiction. Young women now have to keep an eye on their man’s video game habits, as well as the hottie down the block. They have to compete against the latest and greatest video game consoles, and games for their mans time. Forget if there are kids involved, yelling daddies hogging the video game, again! When the #4 Tennis player in the world gets dumped for his video game habits, there is definitely a problem. Wake up America. Yes, the #4 tennis player in the world, not only does he have the recognition, and probably the money, by many accounts, his girlfriend is a hottie. While Murray and his relationship issues aren’t the core problem here, it opens a light hearted debate over Video Game Addiction that is long overdue.

From here on now, if you’re over the age of 19, and you’re ignoring the world around you trying to accomplish this great feat of beating your latest video game, you have a problem, and reality will soon bit you in the ass. Many video game players have an addiction, although many will not admit that they do, but it is a training ground for future gambling addicts playing long hours at a visual and audio game losing track of time and their surroundings, and also losing their life savings while they are at it. Again, the consequences are greater as an adult..

It takes one to know one. I spent most of my young life mastering Mario Brothers, Genesis games, then it was onto Super Nintendo and so forth (too many consoles to remember). That’s a lot of time wasted that I wish I could have back. I was an early adopter of such games like Doom, Heretic, etc., way before they hit any consoles and were available on the PC. I still play video games, but only during set times of the week. I stopped playing video games while in college. I saw countless amounts of people flunk out of college because they were video game addicts. Everyone had a console in their suite, or dorm room. This was almost ten years ago, it was ridiculous, and probably so much more today.

That’s another story, but whoever writes the ground breaking book on video game addiction is going to be rich, very rich. It turns out that Andy Murray, the #4 Tennis player in the world at the time of this article post, liked to play long hours of virtual tennis, after his long days of training at the actual game of tennis. His former coach stated that Murray spends “seven hours a day” playing video games. Low and behold, his girlfriend Kim Sears ended up walking out on him because he was not dedicating enough time to the relationship.

Playing video games is very harmless compared to say, beating on a woman, snorting drugs, robbing a bank, murdering someone. You get the idea.. It’s going to be interesting to find out the long term effects on players who are at it in the World of War Craft for hours on end. At the end of the day what is it worth ignoring the love one’s around you? Interestingly enough, video game sales peaked during the recession, especially sales of video game currency in such games as YoVille, World of War Craft, IMVU, and Second Life. What is this saying? We have yet to see online gaming at its fullest, more is yet to come.

For those parents that like to give their kids video games and just let them go at if for hours, days, weeks, yes, it is safe, and you’re creating a safe environment for your child and his/her friends, but, do consider the long term effects. Would you let your child light up a cigarette in the house because you think that this is better than them going out and smoking marijuana, crack, drinking, etc.,? Realize that cigarette’s are a gate way to those drugs, as video games are a gateway to gambling, and will have long term effects on the ability of your child to be a productive person throughout his/her life. Clearly Andy Murray beat the odds, but Andy Murray, and all professional tennis players do not even make up .01% of the population in your city.


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