Fact Checking Sarah Palin Going Rogue

22 Nov

Has the AP gone mad? No, they did not spend much time or resources fact checking Sarah Palin’s book, Going Rouge, but they are wasting Americans time with their ill fascination and humiliation of the new politician on the scene. I neither dislike, nor like Sarah Palin, but I do feel bad for her, and at the same time respect her sudden rise in the Republican forefront. One has to consider, why the AP did not mention that she got stuck with bills from the presidential election that McCain’s camp promised to pay for. FACT!

If only the AP put the same emphasis behind fact checking former President Bush, former Vice President Dick Cheney, the housing crisis, 9-11, the war in Iraq, and President Obama. Though the AP’s technique is elementary, it seems to work very well. In fact, they did the same thing to Hillary Clinton. The AP used the same fact checking to destroy Hillary Clinton’s run for Democratic presidential nominee. Every news outlet, including many bloggers in March 2008 had the same story showing that then First Lady Hillary Clinton was in the White House while then President Bill Clinton was doing his dirty deeds with Monica Lewinsky. By the way, Hillary Clinton’s daily schedule as First Lady had over 15,000 pages.

Does the AP fear women with power? The fact that Sarah Palin is a likeable woman, her book sold like water, appeared on Oprah, and may run for president in 2012 may be a determining factor in why the AP is wasting no time in portraying her as a liar. The facts are, she’s an underdog, coming from a state where no one really famous comes from, people usually go there when they are running away from their problems, she’s a woman, she’s popular, makes her a real threat to whatever the AP’s plans are in 2012. Do they want her to go away, or stick around so that President Obama can have another term? We’ll see.


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