Google Buzz Fails. Google gets Power.

20 Feb

Every company has its ups and downs, usually its an annual happening. Google is no ordinary company. In about the same week, they had their new social media application, Buzz, land flat on its face, then were approved to buy and sell energy. What this means for Google’s competitors is left to be seen. It’s a bold move that few companies have made.

Google proved that they are far from shy when they went ahead and turned their 30+ million Gmail users into Buzz users. A well thought out decision or a company mission of just going for it regardless of the backlash they would face. It’s happened before, with the Google Books project, where Google went ahead and started a journey of scanning books without the permission of the authors or publishers being involved. Surely one would think they learned from that experience, but it is clear they didn’t.

Google Books, although very bold, is a very useful resource for readers today, and generations and generations to come. No other organization was willing to undertake such a task, Google Books is the first of its kind, unlike Google Buzz. In the Social Media world, although Google Buzz was rolled out in its beta version, one has to wonder what’s its role and goal compared to MySpace for musicians, and FaceBook for College Students and friends who’ve actually met? That’s where Google Buzz fails. They rolled it out very quick, like they are using the lean startup blue print. The lean startup may not be a great strategy for such an established company, after wire tap rumors started to stirrup about Buzz.

Failure or not? Don’t forget Google’s main goal, remember that, and try to piece it all together to see the big picture. While not sure how Google Buzz represents part of solving that puzzle, nor how being able to buy and sell power does either. I hope they do a Nikola Telsa, provide free power to the world to give all true access to information whenever, wherever they need it.


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