Michael Jordan in Utah? Blame it on Social Media

10 Dec

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, its Michael Jordan. Maybe, maybe not. It turns out, social media does work, even when the person using it is straight up lying.

When Michael Jordan gave his Hall of Fame speech he mentioned that Bryon Russel motivated him to come back. He also mentioned he didn’t push off of Bryon Russel when the Bulls beat the Jazz in the NBA Finals in 1998 (He did push off). The two had unsettled business.

So, in comes Brandt Anderson, owner of the illustriouss Utah Flash. His next move is straight out of the movie Semi Pro, yeah you know, the bear wrestling scene, just not as ridicolous. Since everyone knew that Jordan and Russel still had unfinished business, Anderson put up some money (100k) for them to play at half time, and the winner could pick a charity that the money would go to.

Did he really think Michael Jordan would show up to be part of a D League Sideshow? Nope. But he told everyone that Jordan was coming anyway, and went as far as hiring a Jordan look alike, some bodyguards, and posting a youtube video and twittering about Jordan sightings somewhere in Utah. Well, Brandt Anderson put Social Media to the test and it sold to a tune of 7,500 non returnable tickets, but they did get free tshirts to show up and see a Jordan look a like on the court. After the crowd saw what they had paid for, they threw their tshirts on the court and promptly exited.

Brandts explanation in his sincere apology; "We wanted to test the strength and effectiveness of viral media by putting him out in Provo with bodyguards, and some hype,". "I always assumed it would be uncovered very quickly that it was a hoax."

Trust is something that must be kept with loyal customers while implementing traditional and internet marketing. It will effect the life time value of every single customer, for every single business. This greedy move that Mr. Anderson pulled by spurning future ticket holders and present ticket holders all in one greedy move will really show him what doesn’t work on the internet. If he thought his marketing team had a hard time getting fans out to the game yesterday, wait till tomorrow.


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