Obama Family Drops Value of White House by More Than $15 Million

20 Jan

Zillow shamelessly plays the race card in promoting their site. The title of the actual article I am referencing is, "Value of White House Drops by More Than $15 Million", on cnbc.com. But, they might as well had placed the title that was used on intentcontent.com. Lets be straight up, why introduce such an article when President Obama, a multiracial man and his family are occupying the White House, while the housing crisis happened while, former President George W. Bush and his family were in the White House?

A great psychologist once mentioned, it’s best not to ask why. I’ve also heard the saying when black folks move into a white neighborhood, the value of all the houses in that neighborhood instantly dropped. I think that saying is from the 60s and 70s, but according to Zillow, still applies today. Also, it is to be noted that the White House was built by many slaves, and free Black Americans, as well as Indentured Europeans.

Did you know the White House had a price value to it? Here’s an excerpt from the offending website: It just goes to show you, not even the president is immune to the real-estate slump.

As analysts slice, dice, mince and wedge the president’s first year in office, Zillow.com decided to take a look at his property’s performance, and found that the value of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has dropped by $15.6 million, or 5.1 percent in the past year.

The 132-room, 55,000-square foot home, which includes an underground bunker, was recently valued at $292.5 million, down from $308.1 million a year ago and $331.8 million in 2008, Zillow reports. (View the Zillow listing.)" cnbc.com

If this is Zillows way of promoting their site, it is shameless. The whole article is lazy and messy, surely their PR Team can come up with more creative press releases like say, frat house for sale, politicians for sale, something along those lines.


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