Nexus One: The New Google Cell Phone?

12 Dec

The New Google Cell Phone - Nexus OneAfter all, Google is coming out with their own cell phone designed by HTC. It was reported several years ago that Android was going to be Google’s free cell phone to the masses. There would have been no monthly charges, no data fees as the free service would be supported targeted ads served up to users. The G1 was suppose to be that cell phone, but Google quickly refuted those claims saying that they weren’t making a cell phone, but they were making an open source Linux software that would be available for all cell phone makers.

Low and behold, here comes the Nexus One. Is the Nexus One the next iPhone Killer? Only time will tell, but carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile can’t be feeling all too hot right now after investing so much in promoting their Android based Cell Phones, but at least they have those early buyers such as myself for 2 years. On top of that, there are bound to be some consumers who feel taken by the whole ordeal of Google saying they weren’t going to come out with an exclusive Google Cell Phone.

The specs for the Nexus One are as followed.

– Software: Android 2.1

– Hardware: HTC

– Specs (according to Jason Howell): Capacitive touch screen, on screen keyboard only, thin, scroll ball, and animated desktop wallpaper

– Launch date: Rumored January 2010

– Tweets describe it as “an iPhone on beautifying steroids.”

– Google designed the entire user experience, says the WSJ

– Google will sell the phone online, unlocked


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