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Andy Murray and His Video Game Addiction

25 Jan

This is a sad, sad story, but is a all too real problem across America, no check that, the world. It goes unchecked, because no one really knows the long term effects. Some see it as an entry way to gambling, drug use, and some go as far as saying schizophrenia. While it may be acceptable for a child to play video games 24/7, it can be detrimental to an adult who has a 9-5 and more responsibilities than he/she can count on both hands.


Lets talk about Relationships and Dating

5 Dec

Although I’m no dating coach, love doctor, relationship expert, or a big dater for that matter, I’m usually giving advice to my friends about dating and who to date and who to run from. If you were wondering why there’s a page dedicated to the subject matter of relationship on intentcontent.com, there’s your answer, plus I had to give my disclaimer.