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Social Media Instead of Superbowl for Pepsi

3 Jan

In a bold move, Pepsi dumps the Super Bowl in favor of a social media campaign dubbed the “The Pepsi Refresh Project“. How ironic, another company shifting gears, this one after 23 years of steady advertising. Social Media is the new trend, and it with only get more viral, and popular. The Pepsi Refresh Project has a budget of a whopping $20 million, probably over several month time span, while for one day, Pepsi averaged about $142 Million on Super Bowl Ads.


Fact Checking Sarah Palin Going Rogue

22 Nov

Has the AP gone mad? No, they did not spend much time or resources fact checking Sarah Palin’s book, Going Rouge, but they are wasting Americans time with their ill fascination and humiliation of the new politician on the scene. I neither dislike, nor like Sarah Palin, but I do feel bad for her, and at the same time respect her sudden rise in the Republican forefront. One has to consider, why the AP did not mention that she got stuck with bills from the presidential election that McCain’s camp promised to pay for. FACT!


Is Oprah Quiting in 2011?

20 Nov

Oprah Winfrey will call it quits on CBS in 2011"The Oprah Winfrey Show," an iconic broadcast that grew over two decades into a daytime television powerhouse and the foundation of a multibillion-dollar media empire, will end its run in 2011…MSNBC.com

It’s a long time coming, the Queen of day time television, Ms. Oprah Winfrey will call it quits on CBS in 2011. Over 2 decades, and 25 seasons she will finally end her reign. Authors better hurry up and finish their books in hopes to get on one of her final shows. Women will be lining up to get tickets to shows in her final year. It will definitely be historic, but definitely not the end all.