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Download high quality movies in seconds with new Cisco Router

10 Mar

No more slowing down the server, says Cisco. There’s no way ISP’s are going to allow the new Cisco CRS-3 router to influence them to uncapp users download and upload speeds. Nor will the movie industry, or music industry. Piracy is a problem now, it will run rampant with end users able to download a whole movie within seconds. This may be a huge move to open the door for Internet TV, but will open a whole can of mess that the industries as a whole aren’t ready for.


Google Buzz Fails. Google gets Power.

20 Feb

Every company has its ups and downs, usually its an annual happening. Google is no ordinary company. In about the same week, they had their new social media application, Buzz, land flat on its face, then were approved to buy and sell energy. What this means for Google’s competitors is left to be seen. It’s a bold move that few companies have made.


Communication Transcends Technology

14 Dec

Enjoy this very interesting video on communication and technology. It’s amazing just how much we don’t know. With technology we find out just how different the world out side our immediate surroundings are. With technology, you can go anywhere, but thread softly, as communication is the key.


Nexus One: The New Google Cell Phone?

12 Dec

The New Google Cell Phone - Nexus OneAfter all, Google is coming out with their own cell phone designed by HTC. It was reported several years ago that Android was going to be Google’s free cell phone to the masses. There would have been no monthly charges, no data fees as the free service would be supported targeted ads served up to users. The G1 was suppose to be that cell phone, but Google quickly refuted those claims saying that they weren’t making a cell phone, but they were making an open source Linux software that would be available for all cell phone makers.