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Baby Got Leads – Inbound Marketing Rap Song

7 Feb

If Chuck, the SEO Rapper were MC Hammer, well, this out fit at Hubspot would be the equivalent of Vanilla Ice. I’m not quite sure where I stand on this video, though I will give them credit for putting it together, must have taken some work. I’d trust them with some SEO Work for sure. Plus they have a great point. Without further interruption, I present to you, Baby Got Leads.


Social Media Instead of Superbowl for Pepsi

3 Jan

In a bold move, Pepsi dumps the Super Bowl in favor of a social media campaign dubbed the “The Pepsi Refresh Project“. How ironic, another company shifting gears, this one after 23 years of steady advertising. Social Media is the new trend, and it with only get more viral, and popular. The Pepsi Refresh Project has a budget of a whopping $20 million, probably over several month time span, while for one day, Pepsi averaged about $142 Million on Super Bowl Ads.


SEO Rapper Raps about Paid Search

15 Dec

Rap and SEO, Didn’t think the two could go together? Meet Chuck, the SEO Rapper. He gives a thorough lesson in Paid Search.


Communication Transcends Technology

14 Dec

Enjoy this very interesting video on communication and technology. It’s amazing just how much we don’t know. With technology we find out just how different the world out side our immediate surroundings are. With technology, you can go anywhere, but thread softly, as communication is the key.